The Fastest Way To Find Your First Wholesale Deal. “Driving For Dollars”

If you are ready to get your feet wet and find that first deal, then you are in the right place at the right time.

Finding a distressed, ugly, abandoned house is really not that hard. Just like they always say, bring everything back down to the simple terms and it will be so much easier.

In order to get a list of these distressed, ugly, abandoned properties you need to hit the streets. First off, I suggest driving in areas that your buyers will be interested in buying in, you don’t want to drive all over some area that investors are not interested in. You should have a pad of paper with you in order to write down every single distressed, ugly, abandoned house you see. This is only going to be more opportunity for you to find that first deal, so follow closely.

Find an area that you would like to cover, maybe zip code, southside, northside, whatever make sense for your investors interest and you need to break it down into sections so you can hit the others areas later.
“Get out there and start driving.” Write down all these addresses and try to keep somewhat organized with your list, it could be worth THOUSANDS……. Serious, that’s why I do this.

After covering your decided area by driving back and forth or all ways, north & south, east & west, you need to get to the office or home to get online.

Once you are sitting in front of a computer, you are ready to start doing what is called “Due Diligence”. You need to cross check those distressed, ugly, abandoned houses on the local county assessor site. Google search your local assessor and find the place where you can search by address. (You might have to call the assessor; some are not online in smaller areas). Either way, you are trying to search all the info on this particular address. Don’t worry…. This is all public information and you are allowed to have this. (This is honestly when the first light bulb moment when off for me).

Now that you are looking at public records on the assessor page, you should be able to see some info on the distressed, ugly, abandoned house that you found. The main thing you are looking for is the “Billing Address”, this could be the same address of the property, or it could be what’s called and “Absentee Address” and have a different billing address. You want to get the billing address either way and put that in your notes for that property.

The whole plan here is to try and contact the owner of this distressed, ugly, abandoned house and see if they want to sell the house. If the assessor page has a absentee address, that means they live somewhere else and they might be more motivated to sell the house. Remember, motivated sellers are what drive this business. I am going to stop this post right here, you now know how to find the seller of a distressed, ugly, abandoned house and that is the most important part of getting leads in the door. The next post will be about how to contact the owners of these properties so you can try and get an appointment setup for a walk-through.

Until the next post, keep driving and building that massive list of distressed, ugly, abandoned houses in your area. Trust me when I say you could be sitting on your first wholesale deal… I can’t guarantee anything, but if you found a large list of these types of properties, I would say you have a good chance at wholesaling one or more of these deals to an investor.

Don’t miss out on the next post, we will tie it all together.



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  1. Might there be other sites I could look up more info?

    • Whitney,
      I also own and run, this is a great site with great info on wholesaling real estate. Ty “The Flip Man” is the main curator for this site, but it runs through me.
      Let me know how else I can help.

      Thank you

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