Motivated Sellers Can Change Your Business

Over the years of wholesaling and flipping houses I have learned a lot about how motivated sellers can change your business. If you want to flip multiple deals each and every month you need to be consistently generating motivated seller leads. These are by far the most important type of leads because they are “motivated”, and with motivation you are working with someone who needs to sell a house, not someone who wants to sell a house. This means that you have a better chance at negotiating with the seller in order to get the property locked up at a price that makes sense.

Recently I had a lead come into my business from someone who wanted me to buy their property in 2 weeks or less. They said they were willing to reduce the price dramatically if I could make that happen. What was there motivation? This particular seller wanted to leave town immediately, they wanted to move out of state and not come back. So, if I could solve their problem and meet the motivation needs, I was going to get a nice discount. This deal already had some nice opportunity but would have even more if I were able to solve the sellers’ problem and solve it fast.

Many other times over the years I have had motivated sellers who were extremely motivated from the property condition, which was very ugly and scared them. Those are some of the best too, when you have someone who doesn’t want to deal with all the issues that come with fixer uppers they are usually ready to get the property out of their hair and move it. This is great for us wholesalers because we know rehabbers who get excited about fixing these houses.

Either way if you have a lead, which is a motivated seller, you should focus all your attention on helping them solve the problem at hand. If you continue solving problems for these sellers then you will be more likely to close multiple deals each and every month. Over time you will see many different kinds of motivated sellers, they will come to you from all directions looking for a solution. Focus on helping these people solve their problem, when you ask them the question from the property evaluation form “Why are you selling”, you need to really listen to understand how to help.

Now you have a better idea of who you need to focus your marketing on, so when you are building your list you have a more targeted focus. Just keep reminding yourself, what type of seller is going to be really motivated. I still think to this day that some of the most motivated sellers are out of state owners or absentee owners. These are usually landlords who live in different states. Most of the ones I talk too are so tired of trying to deal with the issues from far away. It’s hard to keep up on a property if you don’t have a team in place or good contacts to handle the calls. So when building your list, two of the most important filters to add are (absentee owners & out of state owners).

Like I said before there are many other types of motivated sellers but this is usually my favorite, primarily because I do more direct mail than anything. If you keep following the site you will see me talk more about all the other motivations in other posts or videos. For now all you need to do is focus on this one leads source to get started and move closer to your first deal or next deal. Also remember that you should be mailing these motivated sellers 4-7 times, just depends on your marketing plan.

Until next time, I hope you stay consistent with your marketing so the leads keep coming in.

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