How to build your investor buyer list today for free!

Today we’re going to talk about building your buyer’s list. We’re going to do the quick and easy recap on how to start getting buyers today.

You’re going to start using www.craigslist. The quick and easy way to do it is: go onto your Craigslist account, post under “Houses for Sale by Owner,” and post an ad that says any of the following (see all templates on materials page), “Wholesale priced properties available. Call me or email me”, “Discounted Fixer Upper”, “looking for investors to buy my cheap houses”,” I have wholesale priced fixer uppers available”, etc… That’s it. Pretty basic. You can get creative with it. You want to get as many investors as you can so change the ads and search for different types or different part of town investors. Get creative, change the ad, and try posting different ones. “Discounted properties.” “Bargain Properties.” Then a little information within your post. Just put, “Reply to this email,” or “Call this phone number.” What happens is, you’re going to start getting a response. People are going to be calling you looking for deals. There’s investors looking for deals like mad right now. The inventory is way down on deals, but the amount of investor buyers that have flooded the market has really skyrocketed. You’re going to have people contacting you.

I think the best way, that’s more strategic, would be: post an ad on Craigslist that says, “Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, fixer-upper. Looking for investors. Reply to this email.” No phone numbers, so you’re not blowing up trying to take all this information and put it in a system, or write it down. When they reply to the ad, you’re going to wait a couple days and then reply to that email, and say, “Sorry, this property’s unavailable, but we have new deals come into our business all the time. What are you looking for?” That’s a great, easy way to flood your email with investors who want deals.

If you are familiar with Google Drive – or you’ve watched the other videos that I’ve posted on how to use Google Drive – you can learn how to build a form. You build a Google Drive form, which, again, this is all free. It’s basically a questionnaire that you’re going to make available to your investor buyers online. They open up this web page and it says, “Name. Phone number. Email. What are you looking for? Are you a cash buyer? How soon can you close?” You determine the questions you want to ask. I wouldn’t go too lengthy with it because then you just deter people. They go other directions because they’re not interested in filling out your lengthy old form. Make it quick and easy. The main information you need. Ask for Name, phone number, email, what are you looking for. You can get some other information from them after that.

What happens is you build that Google Drive form, then you can share it with them through a crazy, lengthy link that Google’s going to give you. Here is one I created for an example, feel free to copy it. Or, you can go ahead and go to and buy a domain name that you’re interested in that’s easy to remember, easy to type in, and forward that to your lengthy Google Drive link. We will go over that in another video. It’s pretty simple stuff, actually. It’s very free, except for buying the domain costs you $10-$15 per year.

Mainly, you want to use Craigslist. Get out there on Craigslist and start posting. You’re going to see ads out there from other wholesalers, doing the same thing. Look at them. Get some ideas on what you’re going to do. Start posting those ads out there that say, “Discounted properties. Bargain properties. Wholesale priced properties. Looking for investors. I need investors, We have deals.”

You can do all kinds of different creative things to post and put those ads out there. You’re going to get a reply. Then you just start building that list, and taking all those emails. Even if you just copy and paste them into an Excel form for now, so you have those emails and a name and a number to go with them, so you know who you’re contacting. Once you have a deal available and locked up, you’re going to market it to your list of buyers via email. You can do a bcc to your entire list. If you have the Google Drive forum set up, people are submitting their information right in there, and you can submit it in there on the back end. Then you have this huge list. You just copy and paste it right to your email and bam. That’s the quick, easy way without having a CRM. If you have a CRM system, like I use today – which we’ll talk about later, it’s a lot easier. A lot more automated.

What you can do is post your ads on Craigslist, build your list, and then, later down the road when you want to get more advanced with it, you start using VA’s, Virtual Assistant, to do your posts for you, like I do. You could be posting in markets all around the country, twenty four hours a day, as many times as you want. It’s something that’s very affordable, and pretty awesome. We’ll talk about that again later. For now, get to Craigslist, post your ads. Have them contact you, and start building that list. Then you can just reply to them over three or four days after you’ve built this list. Let them know you’ve got more deals coming. See what you can do. Feel free to call them if they give you their phone number. Discuss and say, “Hey, just wanted to touch base, see exactly what you’re looking for because we have a lot of properties coming into our business often. We’d like to be able to zero in on what you’re looking for.” This way, you can feel out your buyers until you start doing a couple deals, start building a relationship with those investor buyers. Eventually, you will have that relationship with them. You’re going to know what they’re looking for. You’re going to know where to focus your marketing. You might not have to extend your buyers list too much more because you’ve got investor buyers who would buy all your deals. I’ve got my market pretty much covered. Every area that a deal comes in, I’ve got a buyer lined up.
Either way, get started posting and building that list of investor buyers and if you’ve got questions, let me know.

Get out there and get started now, you could have a simple post up in 10 minute from now!!!




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