“Get Started Today”

Starting your own wholesaling business is really not very hard. There is one thing that drives this business, and that’s “TAKING ACTION”. Not trying to be blunt or anything, but that is it. This stuff is really easy once you learn the rules. It’s pretty basic math, it’s basic construction knowledge or knowing how to find that knowledge of construction costs, no license required, and little to no money needed, no banks needed and you can start immediately. Yes, some of the other tools that I mention and little money for marketing will make it easier but still not required.

So first, understand what wholesaling is and learn the rules.

What is Wholesaling?

As a wholesaler, you are finding a discounted property which you can lock up or “control” by getting it under a basic contract. Then you add a fee on top of the purchase price and offer that discounted property to your cash buyers. Once they commit to buying the house, you can send the purchase agreement and assignment contract over to the buyers attorney or title company. Basically you are a middle-man who finds great deals. You are going to sell your right in the contract for a fee, which is going to be an assignment or a double close. Don’t worry, this will all be covered more…


Stick to your numbers…. This is the most important rule to follow when wholesaling. Like many other investors say, “the deal will sell itself” is almost always true on my end. You must stick to your numbers. (ARV x 70% – Repairs – Fee = Max Offer).

We will review all the details within the site so don’t worry about that all right now. Also, don’t think that you are going to get limited info before I try to sell you a membership. Nope, this is FREE…

All I ask is that you join our community and use any of my resources that you need. I do get a small affiliate commission for sharing my resources, and that’s how I pay for hosting and other site expenses.

I look forward to helping you get started, let me know how I can help.