Basic essentials to getting your wholesaling business started

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Below are the three items that will help you get your business started and on the ground looking for your first deal. Telephone Computer with High Speed Internet Transportation A telephone is the most important item in your business, and since most people have a cell phone I would imagine you are already covered. I have done so many deals over the phone, I have done negotiating, learned about property condition, called contractors to give me bids so I don’t have to look at the house, you name it, the cell phone is by far the most important piece to this puzzle! You could even have Internet on your phone and make a wholesaling business work via the cell phone only. Of course this is going to be more difficult for a while until you have a seamless plan in place, but it’s possible. Having a Computer with High Speed Internet is a game changer. The first rule in real estate investing is taking action. If you are going to do this business, you need to be able to take action and … [Read more...]

Flip Houses with No Money or Credit

House Flipping

HOUSEFLIPPINGMASTERY.COM is a site that is going to teach you how to flip houses with no money or credit required. This is going to be through the practice of wholesaling. Wholesaling houses is a very simple process where one party has a contract to purchase a property from another party, and then they decide to give up or sell their rights in that contract to a third party for a fee. The process of completing the transaction is very simple and most guru’s out there won’t tell you the exact details within, but it is an easy process that I will be teaching here within the site, FOR FREE!!! The biggest and most important part of learning how to wholesale a house is all the stuff before the closing and contracts, that’s the other info the guru’s don’t tell you. Within HOUSEFLIPPINGMASTERY.COM you are going to learn the ins and outs of every little detail of my business and what I did to flip over 70 deals in the last 3 years. And once again, this is all going to be provided for “FREE”… … [Read more...]