Cash Buyers

When it comes to wholesaling houses, you will need some cash buyers. I have wholesaled many deals to other buyers, but cash buyers are always the easiest. You might make a little less on your fee, but they can close faster and easier. Most of the time cash buyers will have more experience than any other buyer too. Along with a easier process, you will probably sell to these buyers over and over again. Either way, this is a group of people that you need to build into your team/system. Some say that you need a huge list of thousands of buyers, but that’s really not true. If you have a small group of cash buyers who you know can follow through and you know exactly what they will buy, then you can feed them lots of deals. Once you start growing and getting more deals in different areas you will want to have buyers who will buy anything in any location, so you continue to grow your buyer list as needed. To get started, you really only need a couple serious buyers who will take action on … [Read more...]

Marketing For A Consistent Flow of Motivated Sellers

When you are running a real estate wholesaling business you will need to be marketing for a consistent flow of motivated sellers. As we all know, wholesaling is a numbers game. It takes a large volume of sellers to find the motivated ones. An average ratio is 25:1, which means, you will find one good deal out of about every 25 leads that come into your business. Sometime it’s not even that good and sometimes its better. It really depends on the market you are in and the time of year. I have had better ratios and worse. In my market during from April to October, I know that if I want to wholesale at least two deals a month I would need a minimum of 50 leads a month or 12.5 per week coming into my business. Usually I like to have more than that, so I have choices and don’t try to fight the numbers for a deal. You must have a nice flow of leads each and every week. It's better to have more than enough, because you can always send the extras to agents, or other buyers. In order to … [Read more...]

Wholesale Coaching – Real Estate Investing Mentor

When it comes down to getting a real estate investing mentor or wholesale coaching, it’s tough. I know, I was there at one point in my life. I refused, and was determined to do it on my own. Only if I would have know better, my life would be about 2 years ahead financially right now. Most people are just like I was and they want to figure it out and save that $3,000-$5,000 and not hire a mentor. If I were able to do it over, I would have paid that $5,000 all day at the beginning. It would have expedited my education level so much faster. I have completed hundreds of real estate deals and have been investing for over 4 years. I learned how to do most of this on my own at first, but I would probably be at thousands of deals instead if I had a mentor. I know it’s hard looking at all the different guru’s out there. Some of them are charging  $40,000+ for a membership to learn the same stuff I share for free. Yes, that’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth. Heck, if you were local in … [Read more...]

Motivated Sellers Can Change Your Business

Motivated Sellers

Over the years of wholesaling and flipping houses I have learned a lot about how motivated sellers can change your business. If you want to flip multiple deals each and every month you need to be consistently generating motivated seller leads. These are by far the most important type of leads because they are "motivated", and with motivation you are working with someone who needs to sell a house, not someone who wants to sell a house. This means that you have a better chance at negotiating with the seller in order to get the property locked up at a price that makes sense. Recently I had a lead come into my business from someone who wanted me to buy their property in 2 weeks or less. They said they were willing to reduce the price dramatically if I could make that happen. What was there motivation? This particular seller wanted to leave town immediately, they wanted to move out of state and not come back. So, if I could solve their problem and meet the motivation needs, I was going … [Read more...]

Can You Really Flip Houses With No Money or Credit?

No Money Image

I hear this question all the time, “Can you really flip houses with no money or credit”? Most people are not aware of what you can do with real estate until they have been involved in at least a couple transactions. Then, they begin to see different options which intrigues them to learn more. The quick and simple answer would be, yes you can flip houses with no money or credit. Here at House Flipping Mastery we focus on wholesaling real estate or wholesaling houses. This means you are gaining control over a property by getting a contract in place with someone who is selling a house. When you find a house that fits in the formula we teach (ARV x .70 - Rehab - Fee = Offer) then you would lock this house up or control it with a contract. This happens by making an offer to the seller and agreeing on a price, then writing up a basic 3 page contract that we use. After you control this property, you have the legal right to sell your interest in the deal. We primarily focus on “assigning” … [Read more...]

40 Cheap or Free Ways You Can Start Generating Motivated Seller Leads Today!!!


If you are ready to start finding deals, then this is a great list for you to review. Most of these methods won't cost you anything but time. Start to implement these now and your phone will start ringing. The more of these that you take action on, the more leads you are going to get. I would set a monthly plan on which ones you can afford and get them lined up. You are going to have to test, basically try them all over time. Then you will know what works better in your market. If you still have questions on how to get any of these going let us know. We will have more info and videos on some of these techniques later. Attorneys: Attorney have access to many clients with real estate that needs to be sold. Auctions: You can find killer deals, you just need to know what you are doing before you bid. Bandit Signs: Check your local sign laws, every market is different on what is allowed. Bird Dogs: This can be a very powerful way to build a network of local house hunters. … [Read more...]

How to build your investor buyer list today for free!

Today we're going to talk about building your buyer's list. We're going to do the quick and easy recap on how to start getting buyers today. You're going to start using www.craigslist. The quick and easy way to do it is: go onto your Craigslist account, post under "Houses for Sale by Owner," and post an ad that says any of the following (see all templates on materials page), "Wholesale priced properties available. Call me or email me”, “Discounted Fixer Upper”, “looking for investors to buy my cheap houses”,” I have wholesale priced fixer uppers available”, etc… That's it. Pretty basic. You can get creative with it. You want to get as many investors as you can so change the ads and search for different types or different part of town investors. Get creative, change the ad, and try posting different ones. "Discounted properties." "Bargain Properties." Then a little information within your post. Just put, "Reply to this email," or "Call this phone number." What happens is, you're … [Read more...]

The Real Estate Wholesaler Toolbox


In order to get started as a wholesaler you need to have some tools in order to make your business venture a little easier. You don’t have to get all this immediately, but it really can help speed up the process and get you to your first deal sooner than later. Here is a basic checklist of tools that I use on a daily basis. I would get these items completed and setup very soon. High Speed Internet New Gmail Account For Business New Phone Number (google voice) setup voicemail Download the Property Evaluation Form on homepage. PO Box Address ($36 for 6 months is what mine cost) account Bookmarks (,,, ) used for searching comps. Smart Phone Apps (Zillow, Trulia, Realtor) Yellow Legal Pad (this is for writing letters to ugly houses) Local Assessor Website (google your local county assessor site) Once you start to learn about all these tools you are going to advance your education level … [Read more...]

Get That Marketing Machine Fired Up…

Marketing Machine

When you are ready to start doing deals, then it’s time to get your marking machine going. You need to have a consistent flow of leads coming into your business on a daily basis. These leads can be coming from all different directions, but now we are going to discuss the basics of using direct mail. Once you have determined where you are going to be looking for deals you will be able to zero in more on that targeted area. This is going to make it easier for you to get some leads vs. being spread all over the place at first. What I usually suggest is using to build a list of absentee owners for a certain area. This is a free site where you can build address lists as needed, once you add all the filters and search criteria that you want you can set up to order. Basically you are creating a list of addresses in the area of choice, which show a different billing address on file for public records (just remember many only show property address), so that’s why its good … [Read more...]

The Fastest Way To Find Your First Wholesale Deal. “Driving For Dollars”


If you are ready to get your feet wet and find that first deal, then you are in the right place at the right time. Finding a distressed, ugly, abandoned house is really not that hard. Just like they always say, bring everything back down to the simple terms and it will be so much easier. In order to get a list of these distressed, ugly, abandoned properties you need to hit the streets. First off, I suggest driving in areas that your buyers will be interested in buying in, you don’t want to drive all over some area that investors are not interested in. You should have a pad of paper with you in order to write down every single distressed, ugly, abandoned house you see. This is only going to be more opportunity for you to find that first deal, so follow closely. Find an area that you would like to cover, maybe zip code, southside, northside, whatever make sense for your investors interest and you need to break it down into sections so you can hit the others areas later. “Get … [Read more...]