40 Cheap or Free Ways You Can Start Generating Motivated Seller Leads Today!!!

If you are ready to start finding deals, then this is a great list for you to review. Most of these methods won’t cost you anything but time. Start to implement these now and your phone will start ringing. The more of these that you take action on, the more leads you are going to get. I would set a monthly plan on which ones you can afford and get them lined up. You are going to have to test, basically try them all over time. Then you will know what works better in your market.

If you still have questions on how to get any of these going let us know. We will have more info and videos on some of these techniques later.

  1. Attorneys: Attorney have access to many clients with real estate that needs to be sold.
  2. Auctions: You can find killer deals, you just need to know what you are doing before you bid.
  3. Bandit Signs: Check your local sign laws, every market is different on what is allowed.
  4. Bird Dogs: This can be a very powerful way to build a network of local house hunters. (Highly Suggested)
  5. Drive for Dollars: This is by far one the fastest ways to find distress owners who want your cash offers, you can find and house and find a owner all in the same day.
  6. Business Cards: You should always have business cards with you so you can post them all over your local market, while handing them out to each person you meet.
  7. City & County Inspectors: These inspectors are going to know about properties that have violations, which could be an opportunity.
  8. Classified Ads: You need to post ad on all the free classified area. Craigslist.com is a huge part of your business.
  9. Condemned Houses: Many counties will provide you a free list.
  10. Courts: Eviction Filings, Probate, Divorce Cases, Tax Liens, Code Violations
  11. Direct Mail: Learning how to implement direct mail is going to be the most powerful marketing tool in you box. Pre-Foreclosure Letters, Probate Letters, Out of Town Owners, Bankruptcies, Divorce, Delinquent Taxes, Military Owners are all motivated sellers who are going to have potential deals.
  12. Door Hangers: You can also use pre-printed post-it notes to leave messages at target properties. Be sure to advertise on both sides, you can even sell the back side and recover your advertising cost!
  13. Door Knocking: Distribute flyers and go door-to-door asking residents if they know of anyone planning to move because you’d like to buy a house in their neighborhood!
  14. Drive or walk Neighborhoods: Learn your local area by spending some time on the ground.
  15. Estate Sales – These are some excellent leads, I have closed many deals from estates. Usually you are dealing with more than one child, which means you can get a group discount. (Look for a post on this later)
  16. Eviction Court: This is a great place to find burt out landlords, who are willing to sell at a discount.
  17. Expired Listings: Connect with an investor friendly Realtor
  18. Family Members: Make sure and spread with word about what you are doing, this could be a easy deal source.
  19. Farming Local Areas: Become the local neighborhood expert, this will help you be able to take action faster than others. If you know your market like the back of your hand, then you shouldn’t have any hesitation.
  20. Flyers: Cut your cost in half, print two to a page and distribute: Shopping Centers, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Malls. Put on car windshields or pay someone to do it for you.
  21. Friends: “Do you know anyone who wants to sell?” Most people know 2 people who will be buying or selling a home this year.
  22. FSBO Signs: For sale by owners can be good deals, these people are already looking to sell. Make sure your bird dogs know to get you the numbers of any FSBO’s, it can’t hurt to ask.
  23. Garage Sales or Moving Sales: When you find someone who is selling everything to move, they are usually more motivated than most. This means you might have a better chance at locking up the house at a good price. 
  24. Investor PackagesInvestors sometimes sell out, they get tired of dealing with the properties and they are willing to sell at a discount, or with owner financing.
  25. Lenders: Banks / REO’s: – Mortgage Brokers, Private Lenders, Hard Money Lenders
  26. Liened Properties: Mechanics Liens, HOA Liens, Tax Liens, this could be an opportunity to lock up cheap houses.
  27. Magnetic Car Signs: You can buy some nice size signs to put on your car, this is important since you are going to be driving all over town learning your area and looking at deals.  
  28. Market Bulletin Boards: Grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations, laundry mat.
  29. NetworkingYou need to grow your network and let people know you are looking to buy properties. If you continue to grow your network everyday it will pay off. I get many deals from my network.
  30. Newspaper Carriers: They know the neighborhood better than anyone else and may be able to alert you to vacant or boarded up homes.
  31. Nursing & Retirement Homes: Frequently residents need to sell a house, these properties have high equity also.
  32. Pens: Buy cheap ones with your marketing message on them and leave them everywhere you go.
  33. Pizza Boxes: You can buy some space on the menus and the boxes both. This is a great way at low cost to generate leads.
  34. Postman: Same as the newspaper carriers- they know the neighborhoods well and could act as a bird dog for you.
  35. Rental Agents & Property Managers: Let them know that they can manage anything you buy, and they have direct contact with landlords who might be motivated to sell some houses.
  36. Retirees: A growing population with free and clear homes. Excellent prospects for seller financing.
  37. Social MediaThis is a very powerful tool that will bring you leads fast.
  38. Structural Damage: Once you know what you’re doing, you can buy at a rock bottom pricing.
  39. Tax Deed Sale Properties: These do not come with title insurance so do your home work.
  40. Title Companies: Not all transactions close like they are supposed to. Let the title companies know you can help in a pinch, for the right price.



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