Cash Buyers

When it comes to wholesaling houses, you will need some cash buyers. I have wholesaled many deals to other buyers, but cash buyers are always the easiest. You might make a little less on your fee, but they can close faster and easier. Most of the time cash buyers will have more experience than any other buyer too. Along with a easier process, you will probably sell to these buyers over and over again. Either way, this is a group of people that you need to build into your team/system. Some say that you need a huge list of thousands of buyers, but that’s really not true. If you have a small group of cash buyers who you know can follow through and you know exactly what they will buy, then you can feed them lots of deals. Once you start growing and getting more deals in different areas you will want to have buyers who will buy anything in any location, so you continue to grow your buyer list as needed. To get started, you really only need a couple serious buyers who will take action on … [Read more...]