Marketing For A Consistent Flow of Motivated Sellers

When you are running a real estate wholesaling business you will need to be marketing for a consistent flow of motivated sellers. As we all know, wholesaling is a numbers game. It takes a large volume of sellers to find the motivated ones. An average ratio is 25:1, which means, you will find one good deal out of about every 25 leads that come into your business. Sometime it’s not even that good and sometimes its better. It really depends on the market you are in and the time of year. I have had better ratios and worse. In my market during from April to October, I know that if I want to wholesale at least two deals a month I would need a minimum of 50 leads a month or 12.5 per week coming into my business. Usually I like to have more than that, so I have choices and don’t try to fight the numbers for a deal. You must have a nice flow of leads each and every week. It's better to have more than enough, because you can always send the extras to agents, or other buyers. In order to … [Read more...]