Can You Really Flip Houses With No Money or Credit?

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I hear this question all the time, “Can you really flip houses with no money or credit”? Most people are not aware of what you can do with real estate until they have been involved in at least a couple transactions. Then, they begin to see different options which intrigues them to learn more. The quick and simple answer would be, yes you can flip houses with no money or credit. Here at House Flipping Mastery we focus on wholesaling real estate or wholesaling houses. This means you are gaining control over a property by getting a contract in place with someone who is selling a house. When you find a house that fits in the formula we teach (ARV x .70 - Rehab - Fee = Offer) then you would lock this house up or control it with a contract. This happens by making an offer to the seller and agreeing on a price, then writing up a basic 3 page contract that we use. After you control this property, you have the legal right to sell your interest in the deal. We primarily focus on “assigning” … [Read more...]