How to build your investor buyer list today for free!

Today we're going to talk about building your buyer's list. We're going to do the quick and easy recap on how to start getting buyers today. You're going to start using www.craigslist. The quick and easy way to do it is: go onto your Craigslist account, post under "Houses for Sale by Owner," and post an ad that says any of the following (see all templates on materials page), "Wholesale priced properties available. Call me or email me”, “Discounted Fixer Upper”, “looking for investors to buy my cheap houses”,” I have wholesale priced fixer uppers available”, etc… That's it. Pretty basic. You can get creative with it. You want to get as many investors as you can so change the ads and search for different types or different part of town investors. Get creative, change the ad, and try posting different ones. "Discounted properties." "Bargain Properties." Then a little information within your post. Just put, "Reply to this email," or "Call this phone number." What happens is, you're … [Read more...]